About Me

I am an SEO Specialist and Data Analyst specializing in B2C Content.

My main skills range from functional coding (R, Python, SQL) to SEO and Content Marketing.

I’ve decided to take this path because everyone can do SEO. Then why even stop there?

My Story

I started with my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Palermo back in 2015. In December 2017, I had a fateful meeting with SEO by pure chance and this is where I thought I had found a profitable skill.

After graduating, the goal was to move to another country and I’ve chosen Switzerland due to its cutting-edge engineering leadership.

But BA wasn’t a good career choice as it was inflated and mostly pointless compared to the more fresh Data Science. In the meanwhile, I started one Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship & Management to fill the year while I was waiting to get into Switzerland.

This “training arc” was used to fix my poor Calculus skills, starting from simple concepts up to more complex ones. I spent countless nights studying CS Engineering and Calculus books to cover my knowledge gap.

Once I finally got admitted, I quit and continued with my Master’s Degree in Management and Informatics at USI (Lugano), part of the Computer Science department, where I actually put to use my newfound skills.

With the right amount of effort, I was able to learn some coding and actually understand some cool Machine Learning models. Cool… and now what?

What’s your current role?

I work as a Freelance SEO & Analytics Consultant but I also am an in-house SEO for Sika AG (Zurich), a world-leading chemicals company.

My Values

What defines me can be described under the 3 caveats below:

  • Don’t do more than necessary
  • Overwhelm your opponent
  • The best defense is a good offense

SEO/Business are exactly like war, no hard feelings. Analytics is nothing else than a useful tool to aid your decision-making in the game of SERPs.

In most cases, you need a decent mix of resources and timing. Without enough resources, you won’t even play in the most competitive fields, there is no question about that.

Even if you have an unlimited amount of money, understanding the importance of execution is crucial. That’s why having an aggressive strategy is always better than playing defensively.

You should secure the spot before your competitors do to have a first-mover advantage. In SEO, it’s often better to keep a steady and effective flow rather than doing “sprints”. However, your steadiness should reflect that aggressivity I was mentioning before.

My Opinion on the SEO Industry

While SEO is always the boring same, the industry underwent some significant changes after BERT. And yet, the usual talks are about the same topics, most of the stuff you read elsewhere is recycled.

This leads to stagnation in our industry and the triumph of the most mundane concepts. That’s exactly why I explore different perspectives on tackling certain problems that are quite common, such as cannibalization, internal linking, and content auditing.

Although there are many talented professionals out there, I have never seen an actual focus on Analytics or serious data skills. That’s the exact reason why I created this website!

Why You?

I am not a generalist, I embrace deep specialization instead. This allows me to spend much more time on data work and SEO research compared to most professionals.

Content websites are apparently easy but you know, it’s not 2018 and you actually need a good strategy now. Most of it go through content management and good operations, which require some sort of measurement.

My data prowess can help you to uncover those insights and get a tidy vision of your website(s), which is very much needed during these uncertain times of Google updates.

If you are looking for a Content SEO that can also talk business and can help you reduce costs or understand data, look no further!