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Grow your Content Website with Analytics and data-informed SEO.

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Looking for additional growth? Was your website penalized? I can help you uncover hidden problems.

Analytics consulting

A large website without Analytics is a lost cause. I can guide you in your first steps toward data awareness.

ANALYtics training

For organizations and agencies that want to uncover what’s beyond their data. I will give you the necessary weapons!

Why Choose Me as Your Consultant?

Because it’s extremely rare and expensive to find SEO consultants with proficiency in Analytics & Data Science.

This is a list of problems I usually solve/do:

  • Content Decay and Updating Content. How to set up effective policies and how to detect problems.
  • Content Auditing and detecting weak spots/opportunities. This is crucial for larger websites.
  • Improving processes and reducing costs with data-informed decisions.
  • Due Diligence when buying domains. Don’t be tricked, just be safe.
  • Content Planning and Strategy.
  • Advise if you are building your SaaS and don’t know what to do.
  • Data training if you need to train your organization.

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Benefits of Analytics and Data Science for SEO/Business

  • Easier to track your SEO performance and prove it
  • Untap new opportunities
  • Prevent drops in rankings before they happen
  • Understand how to spend your SEO budget
  • Save valuable business time
  • Connect business to SEO
  • Cut costs and spend more on strategy
  • Craft solid systems and processes

What is actually Analytics?

Analytics generates valuable questions that can lead to insights. It’s investigating your website to find interesting questions that can add massive value to your business (and SEO).

If you don’t even know what’s going on, it’s impossible to troubleshoot future problems or to understand the content of your website. Analytics makes it clear by giving you an overview of:

  • where to focus on your website
  • what dropped/improved
  • the amount of risk your content shows
  • what you can improve

What’s done above doesn’t usually require Machine Learning/AI or even complex models. It’s easy to understand and implement, making it a great way to start with data if you are new to this world.

An example of Analytics could be splitting the articles of your website into groups based on their performance.

With this knowledge, you can then set different actions for each.

More advanced and powerful uses include scoring the decay of your content to find which pages have shown more losses over time.

This is one of the biggest problems for content websites, as it can lead to substantial money and ranking losses.

a different perspective on SEO

Managing a website requires solid systems and quite some planning.

Find decaying content and set measures.

Organize your content now.

Start taking data-informed decisions with Analytics.

Rankings + Business advice = Peak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s your approximate price?

My minimum engagement starts at $2000. My price is decided based on your online business and the value/contribution my work can have.

On average, I would say that the majority of my engagements sit above $5000. Some of you may think it’s even expensive, but it’s actually quite cheap considering you get an SEO and a Data Analyst at once.

Also, is $5-10K a lot of money if I save you $20-30K every year? Probably not, and this is very common for big websites after they improve their processes!

Is it only about SEO then?

No, I also talk about your online business. SEO is never alone as you most likely deal with content management and decision-making every day. For this reason, my services also aim to improve all the other complementary fields and costs that involve your business.

Content websites are largely affected by systems and content management, and traditional SEO alone isn’t enough to give you a long-term advantage.

The best plan is nothing if you don’t have the right organization to execute it.

Your hard-earned rankings aren’t safe if you don’t have the capacity to protect them over time.

What are your favorite tools?

Tools are means to achieve a task, nothing more. Anyway, I rely on the following:

  • SEO: Semrush, Screaming Frog
  • Productivity: Airtable, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Canva, ChatGPT
  • Data: Python, R, SQL, Gephi, Looker Studio

Most of the SEO tools you know I’ve replaced with my own custom solutions to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Who’s your Ideal Customer?

Publishers and B2C Content Websites are always welcome as most of my work benefits them. E-commerce owners may also want to explore my solutions if they have big enough blogs (200+ articles).

What type of Engagement can I expect from you?

I offer short-term engagement (1-3 months) as most of my work is about Analytics or SEO deliverables. I am open to longer engagement for larger projects involving content portfolios.